Weird interaction between the new boards highlights and the boards profile history[/img] Just to be clear: the upper half of this comment uses all the different new colored highlights and is seen from my "Boards profile" comment/post history. The problem seems that the boards profile doesn't recognise the new highlights and just use the basic text modifiers who compose the highlighting formats. Nothing too dramatic but fixing this problem as soon as possible will avoid people having confusing post history when those highlights will gain popularity. Since I'm here, that I'm already talking about the boards profile and that the boards are recently receiving some new enjoyable updates, may I also recommend giving a big update to the boards profile along the way? The whole "change your look" slogan of the page has been memed for ages now and now is the time to give us some new possibilities when using this page to make our browsing easier. Other game forums all have other interesting options like theme changes, pre-made comment/thread formats, additional profile aesthetics/effects based on upvotes/popularity/roles, etc. I think its time for the boards to climb up the stairs and step up to the expectations.

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