What is the mod's/your stance on discussing sexism or similar topic (with its possible symptoms)?

I'm a bit confused. If I interpret the universal rules correctly these discussions fall under the category of 'Inappropriate Discussion Topics' since they can be described as either political (if you define it broadly) or real-world social issues (especially since the topic currently attracts a lot of hot steam). Yet as far as I'm aware mods rarely address these kinds of topics as long as they are somehow related to lol/riot. Does that mean that I could spark a political discussion as long as I make a connection with ingame factions or characters? **Just how much leeway do we get?** I'm curious about this because as far as I have seen these kind of discussions have a tendency to be unconstructive, antagonizing, speculatory and full of obscure interpretional freedom, backbiting and vocal obloquy. In short: quite unhealthy. On the other hand everybody is so extremely opinionated about these topics that they make for fluent and passionate discussions to a degree where it's difficult not to talk about them. Even if they are mostly self-serving to a point where I doubt that anybody's opinion has ever been influenced during a discussion about 'inappropriate discussion topics'. What do you think about this?
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