Mod Abuse is Out of Control

Hear me out. My premise is that the boards/mods in general are overly sensitive, and prone to censor anyone that is even remotely critical (or as they so loosely define as "toxic"). So over time anyone not conforming to their G-rated boards get banned/censored and move to reddit, where the process repeats. You are welcome to disagree, **the problem is other people aren't because they will get censored because I am right**. I would also argue that given this state, the only people bothering to post are either so sensitive they like the censorship, or the typical aspiring mods posting the usual boring, corporate, lawyer speak and linking the summoners code in every post. (yawn) So its 2019 and anyone wasting time on the boards is likely in those categories. I was recently suspended for referring to the Chinese Communist Party as "Chi-Com" for short. A moderator said that was a racial slur and I was guilty of "racial hatred". I'm not sure if the mods are that clueless, or if they are SJWs drooling for a chance to claim someone is a victim, but this is just stupid. Can we please get some accountability on the forum censorship. I'm sure this thread will be downvoted by the overly-sensitive low-T posters that remain here, but if I haven't made it clear enough... I don't care about your downvotes, because I have seen what you upvote. REST IN PEACE, RIOT FORUMS.
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