This is for Everyone.

TLDR: I appreciate the existence of all of you. ___ Simply put, I enjoy not only my time in game, but also time spent on here. There are times when perhapd heads get butted, but even then it is okay. The variety of people who make up the forums is nice. We have the Mods who volunteer their time to try and keep things running smoothly. Which can be a challenge at times and even require tongue biting. Sure, there are times when the tone of their post might come off as aggressive, but it happens. We have the regulars who are honestly all over the spectrum in terms of opinions and how they present them. Some may be a bit more aggressive, while others passive. Some may not even care about the end result, but simply wish to debate and exchange words. My favorite are probably the ones who include a bit of goofiness here and there just to keep things lighthearted. Finally, we have the newbies who find their way to the boards. Usually posting in the wrong area or breaking a rule they weren't aware of. Can't really get upset too badly since we all were probably like that at one point. All in all, I do enjoy talking or reading things from the lot of you. With this post, I hope you can accept my appreciation. This is for everyone, no matter whether you are considered a kiss ass, or a troll by others. I appreciate your existence.
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