Ranked Matches Bronze/Silver

There seems to be a alarming amount of (Fun Feeders) In Ranked Games In low Elo..So many i have had over 60(Fun Feeder) Games in 9Days of Returning to League after 6 years..What worries me is that theses people don't care about the game apart from dying as many times before the game ends, i have had so many of these games that its becoming a issue even staying in 1 league for 1 day..Everygame Has NO restriction of what level mastery Champ they bring and they do this to ruin the whole game for everyone. This Matchmaking system is clearly not working since ive only return'd for 9days and there is just trolls playing. The biggest advice / Suggestion would be to bring in Mastery Level Requirements where you would need to be Level 5+To choose a champ, theses means the player is there fore ruining his own experience aswel as everyones elses. also people cant just join randomly and have a nightmare game in ranked on a new champ they never chose before..This would/will make league ranked (Ranked again) Since theses troll feeders would not be Joining and trolling on random not level account, ive had over 100+Games on this account since my return 75% have been feeders only.. if it was 1/2 feeders, or just the 1..either way every league Ranked bronze/silver match WILL have a (FUN feeder) in there match.
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