What are the most unique champions in the game?

Champions like Aurelion Sol (not that he is good tho) where you are a amazing galaxy dragon with super high mobilty and 3 constant rotating balls or stars or whatever those are and a Q where you legit spawn a small galaxy and make it as big as you want with the E+Q Combo...Im talking about champions that are not like Garen Darius Lux Nami these are sort of boring im looking at something different i just don’t know what that champion is ...For example idk if i would say that Shaco is one of these but he definitly can be because he is just a troll in the game since the only thing he does is just trolling and making people rage quit...Some champs i think are boring and aren’t supposed to he here : Garen Darius Lux Ezrael Taric Kai’sa and etc...
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