Minimum size of group, to be allowed to criticize them?

Hello everyone! So i just got banned from Boards on my other account for calling a group of people dicks, which is fine, yet previous examples show that criticizing a group of people is allowed. So my question is, how big the group have to be? The "people are dicks" and "humans are idiots" phrases were defended by Board Heralds, as allowed phrases. Well, these groups contain a lot of people. I criticized the Moderators, and i got banned for it, they are clearly a smaller group. So how many people should a group contain to be allowed to criticize? Can i say that the NA community is idiot, because they tend to report for useless things? Can i say that white males are idiot, because they tend to get angry at the game? Can i say that asian people ruin the ranked games, because they are too competitive? What if i add groups together, like the moderators + 5billion other people are dicks? Or is the moderating simply biased? You can criticize the whole humanity, you can criticize flamers, but you are not allowed to criticize moderators? Thanks for your help and the clarifications! Have a nice day everyone!

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