Toxic Community Problem

I know what your thinking! Oh another crybaby who got they're feelings hurt and thinks they're going to change something. But I honestly don't care what you think of me. I just want to be heard! But this is a serious problem! I just can't stand having people being rude to one other like they are higher above in life. It's a game, but it's a game I love and hope never falls from it's peak. I've had more game where people have thrown racial slurs, called someone something unpleasant (I don't know if I'm able to cuss of the forums, so bare with me), than I have had games. I know that a game like League is competitive, and you get angry but don't blame it on teammates! They are trying as hard as you are to get higher elo. But calling them names, or telling them their bad isn't going to help. We all make mistakes, and we need to learn from them. I understand that streamers like Tyler1 are huge because they rage, but that's just acting. And if they act that way in real life, in my most honest opinion, they need psychological help. And I get that Blizzard unbanned him cause he makes them money, so I am to believe. But what happens when the community just hates one another, and doesn't stay helpful or nice? It starts to die. I know "Leagues never going to die!" And I'm going to tell you the truth and say that "Yes it is!" All gaming communities die at some point! League is no acception! Are there other issues other than the community that are ridiculous? Yes there are! But the toxic community is the biggest! I've asked people who have played the game and we're pretty good "Why did you leave!" And they always told me that the community was too toxic! Go ahead and say they were just crybabies. But when you're constantly getting harassed by other players, you will reach a breaking point. I know that there's a mute button for a reason, but sometimes you just want to talk, see how people are doing! I want to have a time where I can compliment on how someone outplayed me, and not get something like "GgEZ your bad! I slept with your mother last night and she's even disappointed in you!" It's like seriously calm down. It's a game, and it means nothing in real life. Your not going to become the next LCS winner or anything. Korea always wins for a reason! And that's because their that good! But they are paid to play League! They spend twelve hours playing the game. And that's the minimum. And there's always the threat that they could get benched. So yeah, they better be good, because that's their job. I understand that there is a report button for league and they have an algorithm system that looks things over. But banning someone from chatting isn't going to do anything! They're just gonna keep doing it until it's not fun anymore! And even when they get into enough trouble they move to another account and continue. Maybe do something like an IP ban or VAC ban, cause then they'll actually think twice before treating people like trash. Seriously, I've seen entire friendships end due to the toxicity of League, and I don't want that to happen to anyone else! So seriously; please treat each other like human beings. Be kind to one another, so that League can keep a wonderful community, and stay a fun game.
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