The real solo queue

Dear riot I have to recommend you the perfect idea of a SOLO ranked queue.. First of all we all know that the majority of league players sucks(i am sorry for this word), many times the feeders the trolled and flames are main reason for the loses... I am thinking a totally different game mode in a new map like ARAM but there you can play alone vs another player.. The division system should be the same.. In this way players would have fun playing alone without the fear of another feeder it trooper or an AFK player. They will blame their selves for the win or the lose.. In top of all I think that this will be something new and "fresh blood" about this company the old players will be happier as they are try very hard to climb up and for the new players the game will be more simply as they don't have to communicate, make strategics or combine their skills with their teammates..
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