Mods shouldn't be allowed to remove posts that protest Mods

Forgive me if I'm wrong but I think that allowing Mods to remove certain discussions is just an abuse of power. The reason I say this is because I hold certain things about Boards to be true: **1 - Boards is a place to create open discussion, especially with specific concerns.** Open discussion should be encouraged in order for the players to make themselves heard and address certain issues with their overall experience. A civil discussion should be left open to keep the community strong. If the game doesn't suit the players, there is no game. RIP Treeline. If you want the game to suit the players, you let them voice their concerns, and you take their concerns seriously enough to do something. Treeline for example, might have gained more players had Riot listened to the concerns current players were facing. Riot chose to ignore the concerns because of a dwindling player base. The relationship is inherently destructive. **2- Moderators are there to encourage open discussion, and keep things civil.** Enforcing any "Rules" that circumvent the essence of an open, civil discussion is an abuse of their position. Anytime a post is made regarding concerns about Mods, then Mods will adhere to crude explanations about how criticising their positions is just creating a platform to harass people. Essentially, Mods just can't handle any scrutiny about their positions, and will remove any posts that threaten their authority. Mods are a concern to many players, and this is a platform for all the players to be able to voice their concerns. Mods shouldn't be allowed to interfere with any posts that are trying to have a civil discussion about REASONS Mods are ineffective. If a Mod reads reasons they are damaging to the Boards, no matter how civilly stated these reasons are, Mods will take it as a personal attack. This needs to stop. If anybody has the authority to monitor these specific discussions, that authority needs to be with Riot employees specifically. **STATING REASONS THAT MODS ARE INEFFECTIVE IS NOT DESIGNED AS ATTACKS, BUT SIMPLY OBSERVATIONS OF INEFFECTIVENESS**
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