What does "They're" mean in this phrase?

https://puu.sh/CQtUL/8885fc1075.png As in...the people? Because as harsh as some of the comments might be, there are also so many awesome comments and people on here so I don't get it? Even though there can be some really brutal comments on here, as a company, don't you think you should still look into it and better the community.. As someone who makes profit, well, I would assume you would make profit as a Riot employee off all these consumers, these CUSTOMERS! Because yes, everyone that plays League Of Legends or at least owns an account, whether they are buying skins, etc or not, they are still a customer towards your company. So for you to go on your business account and call their ideas and feedback...useless...wow...I am so mind blown, I could never imagine myself telling an angry customer who is giving feedback and their thoughts on an idea that I have, useless... I have had plenty of angry customers and people tell me that my ideas were shit, that I am not good at something, that its the worst thing they have ever seen, and you know it really brings me down as a person and makes me feel so awful, but do I go and fuel the fire? Not at all! I ask them respectfully and say, "hey the idea was shit? lets talk about it!" as me being a representative of the company and a seller, I should always keep a classy and professional manner no matter what it is, because when it comes to your customers they are the ones making you big and putting that bread on your table. So instead of calling us useless here on the boards, please be more courteous and take some time to understand the boards better and help everyone out, if you shut us all down and you're letting your sensitivity get to you, you will never strive as a company! Because whats a king with no followers....
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