Want to Know WHY You Think League is Dead?

It's because you spend time on these boards. People actively witch hunt riot for literally every single decision they make, and there's only room for people that dislike the decisions Riot makes. I personally LOVE the game. I love its current state aside from the top lane meta, and I love playing the game for multiple hours every day. I know alot of people that loves the game as it is now. But we don't use boards. This site is literally only used for whining and complaining at this point. People log on to rant and not to have an actual discussion. Let me list a few of the problems that makes me leave instantly every time I visit the boards: 1. Ignoring Factual & Statistical arguments - The boards are way too biased. Anybody that spends enough time here knows what I mean. 2. "I'm new to the game and _____" No you're not, you're a random smurf account. There is no way a level 15 player would make a post about Camille doing too much damage - They wouldn't even know what too much damage was yet, and they wouldn't be able to identify smurfs either. These people are scammers that tries to "prove" that the new players in league aren't enjoying the game. While the truth is they're not on boards and they're DEFINITELY not knowledgeable about balance nor do they pretend to be. 3. Ranting - Legit what is wrong with some of you people? Tower plating is GREAT and it slows down the pace of the game while rewarding you for slowly taking down a turret. This is what you asked for for years. Slower games with more impactful decision making. With more meaningful laning phases. Then when riot gives you that, you suddenly change your mind and say you don't want impactful laning phases. We're people that loves this game and love playing it as well. We just don't come here to rant about how much we like the game, because that's a waste of time anyway because people on here just wants to watch the world burn. Check any top post on boards. Find ANY sort of positivity in a comment and it'll be downvoted. And you wonder why Rioters doesn't spend their time responding to gameplay "discussions" on here. It's honestly depressing.
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