Boards Usage: Part 3 - Reporting In-game Offenses

Reporting or posting with the intent to shame players on the boards is strictly not allowed per the Universal Rules. Do not do it.

The Boards are not used to gather reports against players, and shaming people just causes drama at best and abusive witch hunts/harassment at worst.

If the intent is simply to discuss a particular behavior it's okay to post that on the Player Behavior board, but posts naming a player to shame/report them will be removed. Additionally, high profile players that put themselves in the public spotlight (pros/streamers) have chosen to make their behavior well known, so it's okay to discuss their actions as long as the discussion remains constructive.

So how do I ensure this player is punished?

    We understand that it can be very frustrating when a player turns an otherwise enjoyable match into the low point of your day, so there are systems set up to handle this;

    Post-game reporting

    In the post-game lobby you will find the Report feature; just hit the exclamation point next the the offender's name. This is your primary weapon against trolls, griefers, and Teemo various other negative behaviors. It isn't going to be the most gratifying thing you can do, but it immediately flags them to be reviewed for whichever categories of negativity you selected.

    It's also important to note here that the Instant Feedback System will always review the player the same whether 1 report was filed against him or 9 were.

How do I know my report helped?

    You may get a notification of punishment if your report triggered it, but when you don't that does not mean your report was ineffective. As long as you are using reports properly against negative behavior they will contribute. Reports allow Riot to build a pattern of that player's behavior so they may be punished appropriately, with the IFS taking action in less than 5 minutes. You should check out this post for guidelines on what should be reported.

    "So you're telling me it's perfect?"

    No, of course not. Not even a fully manual process will have zero margin for error, but the IFS is extremely good at tossing out false reports. Riot prefers not punishing innocent players over punishing every instance of negativity, as a single false punishment is many magnitudes worse than missing a legitimate one.

    Gameplay offenses like intentionally feeding are notoriously difficult to prove the malicious intent, but your accurate reports help the IFS get better at catching it.

I didn't get punishment feedback!

    Ok, hold your Hecarims a bit. While the automated Instant Feedback System (IFS) can complete its review and administer pure unbridled justice within a mere 5 minutes, that does not mean your reports give you the power of judge, jury, and executioner. Punishment is dealt on an individual basis, in a vacuum, and is dependent on frequency and severity.

    "What does that even mean?"

    It means that each player is judged for their actions alone independently of other's behavior, and punished based only on how bad the offense was and how often they are acting this way. In other words, if Player A and Player B commit the same offense in a match, if A gets punished but B does not it's probably because A had been racking up her Frequent Flamer Miles while B is just having an off day.

    Always keep in mind that one person being punished doesn't mean every other offender deserves the same. I think we can all agree that penalizing one player for another's bad behavioral history would be very wrong. We aren't looking for vengeance, but reform.

I still have to play the match, so how do I defend myself?

    That urge to yell at a feeder or preserve your honor when being flamed is understandable, but that isn't defense, that's retaliation. When you engage toxicity with that of your own, it just makes the match more toxic for everyone, and is more likely to perpetuate that problem instead of quell it. They care little of what you say and likely prefer knowing their actions affected you, so the best defense is to ignore and/or Mute them. Muting chat/pings can be done in the Scoreboard by pressing Tab and clicking the icons next to their name.

    While you can't stop an intentional feeder from running it down mid, you still don't want to make it worse for the rest of the players (they are dealing with it too, you know); you may still have a chance to win, and they will actually often go back to trying to win if the game looks promising. That doesn't excuse the behavior, but gameplay offenses are met with account bans not chat restrictions, so let Riot take care of that. Telling them off when they won't even remember you 5 minutes later is not worth getting penalized yourself.

The offense was really severe and outside of the match, Riot needs to see!

    Sometimes it can be necessary for Riot to intervene directly and take action, such as if someone's safety is being threatened. When the situation really is that serious and the IFS wouldn't be appropriate/available you can submit a Support Ticket and Player Support will take a look.

    Player Support will be unable to inform you with progress of any investigation or punishments they give for privacy reasons, but if the situation is truly serious you can safely leave it in their hands. Reports that are best handled by the IFS will be left for the IFS.

Thank you for attending the Player Reporting & Shaming Prevention Seminar. Swim carefully on the way home, and grab a Universal Rules packet on your way out!

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