I accidentally stumbled upon the EUW boards and one thing I noticed is THEY DON'T JUST REPEAT POST ABOUT HOW TERRIBLE THE GAME IS. I am not saying that EUW players don't hate the game state but they use their boards for constructive comments more so. Over here we just have constant posts about how "S4 was soo much better" and "This game is soo bad now." I don't see a reason for a rioter to ever be on these boards unless they are literally required with how hive-minded the NA boards are. Its like we spend more time complaining about the game rather than trying to innovate solutions for our problems. Damage is too high but that doesn't mean you have to skip that GA or QSS on jinx. Maybe in some games getting a zhonyas on a sion is better because it gives that guaranteed survivability. Frozen mallet on a marksmen might be playable. These solutions may all be absolutely terrible but its better than queueing up for a game, gettting 1 shot by an assassin, then going to the boards and complaining about damage. If all else fails, you aren't required to play League of Legends. Actions speak louder than words so maybe its time for you to hang up the towel.
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