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#[⚠ Click here to join us in the Boards Moderation Discord ⚠ ]( Discord is a third party text/voice service that can be accessed directly through your web browser with no download, or with the Discord app. Because of Discord's ease of access, security, and customization, we have chosen to make it the Boards Moderator's base of operations to coordinate and to speak with you guys one-on-one. #FAQ > ##How do I get into your Discord to talk to the moderators? * Follow the link on top of this page, and after creating an account or signing in as a guest the first course of action is to read the #welcome channel rules. This will tell you where to go to for reports and who to ping for it. * To use the #off-topic and report channels you'll need to post on our [⏩Verification Thread here⏪]( with your Discord tag, then link that comment in the #verification channel so we can confirm who you are. * Once a moderator responsible for the board you need help on answers, they will pull you into a private room. * When all's said and done you'll be removed from the private room, but are free to stick around. * Players that violate our server rules or are banned from the Boards can't post for verification, so they'll only have access to the #violation-inquiries channel to discuss that with us. > ##What is the primary purpose for this Discord? * For players to provide context when reporting a post * To inquire on moderation or posting (rule clarification) * Discussing mod actions against you * Providing feedback on the above > ##What is this Discord *not* to be used for? * Reporting other player's in-game behavior * Giving feedback on the game * Anything prohibited by the [Universal Rules]( or [Terms of Use]( > ##What else can we do there? * Hang out in the #off-topic channel and banter with the mods and other players! We've got a lot of people in there and we do enjoy each other's company, so would love for you to stick around if you stop by. Even though the official feedback and report channels are strictly for boards moderation, you are entirely free to discuss the game with the community in #off-topic.

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