[UPDATE 2/26] Boards Testing and Thoughts

Hello, boards! As long-time board members may recall, the old League of Legends forums used to have a traditional forum comment layout rather than the Reddit discussion-view style comment layout. This has been a pain point for some board users and we'd like to test to shift it back to this old style. ~~We're planning to start by disabling Discussion View across all boards on 2/27. Comments will now be visible in the order they were posted rather than by popularity, and the reply button will now automatically quote the comment you are replying to so that the conversation can still be clearly followed. We do expect that this may take a bit of getting used to from those of you more familiar with the Reddit format, but we feel it’s a change that the community has been seeking.~~ We’re currently discussing whether or not we’ll be rolling out changes to the upvote and downvote system, so stay tuned for more information. As a quick reminder, there are limitations to what we can change within the Boards which must already be developed. Any suggestions outside this scope, we will look into but cannot guarantee if it has to be developed and not already existent within the means of the platform. Outside of that, let me and the Volunteer team know your thoughts~ I'll be monitoring this discussion. -- Keyru & The Volunteer Team
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