My thoughts & questions on overall mod organization/communication and encouraging open discussion.

_I will preface this post by saying that I have a lot of respect for the moderation team. I am personally friends with a few and I think the team does great work - one of the particularly lovely mods encouraged me to make this thread. The moderation discord is a great addition and I've had mostly positive and respectful interactions with the mod team there. _ Recently I was falsely permabanned for "ban evasion". I had gotten the ban reverted, however I am disappointed in the handling of the followup. I had pursued the case further to find out what caused the "false flag" to occur, if there was any fact checking made, if something was wrong with my account etc. Not to go too into detail but I received conflicting information from various mods & heralds and was discouraged from seeking answers or "pestering the mods over a closed case." I must make it clear that I don't hold anything against the mod team over this - mistakes happen, but needless to say I was disappointed. This situation prompted me to think about what is actually going on behind the scenes with actions taken. It feels like most mods have very little information when it comes to specific punishments and no one can really explain what happened besides the _singular person_ who made the action. Is this the case? Obviously I don't expect every mod to have an encyclopedic knowledge of every reasoning behind a punishment but it seems they can't really access that information anyways. Are punishments even discussed? Even just a mention in a mod chat like "I'm making a ban against so-and-so for such-and-such reason"? I hate that I even have to ask this. When I go to the moderation discord to contest a case, it's not just about having the punishment removed. It's about understanding what happened and knowing that the mods will be careful in the future to not make the same mistake, not just with my account but with anyone's. I do not want anyone to feel that their problems get handwaved and I would like users who are worried about their account standing to feel encouraged when speaking with mods. In my mind, the fact that a punishment gets reverted does not equate to a closed case. But it feels like you're not expected to worry about **WHY** a punishment happened and you're expected to be satisfied with a vague apology and a punishment revert. Are strategies changed to avoid future similar mistakes? Is the rest of the moderation team made aware of the mistakes that took place so that it will not happen again? I don't get that impression, and it feels wrong. So I make this thread mostly as an effort to suggest a few things to the community mod team and hopefully some of what I say will be considered: - **If a false punishment is made or an action is contested and taken back, I would hope that every mod is made aware of the situation** and what action should be done instead, for the sake of consistency. Even the mods you speak to regarding punishments can be pretty unaware of what happened, through no fault of their own - hopefully with better communication and organization this could be avoided. I would also hope that there is a list or some kind of log of deletions, punishments and punishment reverts somewhere for all the mods to reference. - ** I would like to see more willingness to communicate with the users about WHY a ban happened after the fact**, rather than just rolling back the punishment and hurrying them off. I understand the mods can't share everything due to Riot policy but it should be clear if something was entirely human error, you should be ensured that steps will be taken to prevent similar wrongful actions in the future, even if exact details can't be shared. - **More openness to discuss rules and changes. **It can be pretty disheartening to try to open a dialogue regarding rules and possible improvements or whether or not a rule is truly necessary, as you get shut down pretty fast by a mod or get told to go to off topic (what is boards inquiries for then? lol) Perhaps a suggestions room in the discord? I would like to see more encouragement when it comes to meta discussion of the boards rather than having everything set in stone. It is a community with community moderation, after all. In closing, I am grateful for the mod team and I enjoy the better transparency of the community mod system. I care about the community as much as anyone and I would like to feel confident that the system is continuing to be streamlined and improved and that the modbase is able to learn from contested actions and listen to input. Thanks for reading.
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