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Hey everyone! As you may have noticed, the Boards have been undergoing some changes over the past few months; and with substantial changes came a lot of opinions on both sides. While you can always post your Boards feedback in the Discuss the Boards sub-board and the NA Boards Discord, we wanted a platform that was inclusive to other regions as well, as these changes have been/will soon be rolled out to Oceania and Europe. If you have any feedback pertaining to design, functionality, etc., we encourage you to join the discussion with the global volunteers and community members. * Design * Any ideas that might make the boards more enjoyable to look at, more customizable, more personal, etc. * Functionality * Anything that would make using the boards easier for players, improved usability, etc. * Features * Anything you'd like to see added to the boards in the future And as always, we'll continue to keep an eye on the Discuss the Boards sub-board and NA Boards Discord for any feedback you have for us. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you! https://discord.gg/Cr8tPvc
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