Why do moderators feel the need to delete everything I post that sparks discussion?

I posted a thread asking why Vladimir has gone years without being nerfed, and it received 71 upvotes and 15 downvotes. It got taken down because it didn't correspond with the Gameplay section or something like that. I'm not really sure where in the thread it just screamed "RANT", but I'd really like to know because this is not the first time where I've had a thread taken down without proper reasoning. Apparently the gameplay section is all about champions and balance. Isn't asking for Vladimir to be nerfed talking about champion balancing? Anyway, here it is, somebody tell me why this even got taken down. I guess Riot made the moderator take it down because they don't want to see people agreeing that Vladimir needs nerfs, so he can stay broken for LC$. > "This guy has been a top-tier champion probably for years now, and has avoided being toned down for whatever reason. Late game he just makes entire teams explode with the click of 2 buttons, while also being pretty much impossible to kill due to his pool and astronomical healing from his Q. I remember playing a game and it was around the 30-35 minutes mark, and the enemy Vladimir was popping me in 0.70 seconds. Nothing myself or my teammates can do, so whats the point of even trying? Come on Riot stop kissing Vladimir’s ass and give him some nerfs already."
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