So my post on fiora mains gets taken down, but not all the yasuo main threads

Mods on this site are such hypocrites, they take down posts about certain mains like veigar, and fiora, ones that they probably main, BUT NOT YASUO ONES, those are fine, dont take those down, hell the mods agree with some of them dislike bot/yasuo haters already downvoting :) Edit: I KNOW IT WAS FOR BELITTING FIORA MAINS, THATS NOT THE POINT OF THIS if you can read, it's about how you mods don't take down yasuo hate threads, and even sometimes comment on them agreeing, it's about calling some mods hypocrites, I KNOW ITS THE GOLDEN rule, stop avoiding my words, I understand why my fiora mains thing was taken down, I'm perfectly fine with it, i'm calling you out for not doing the same with yasuo main hate threads, and sometimes even agreeing with them.
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