The art of queue dodging?

tl;dr Anyone have tips for queue dodging? when to dodge? good tools to use such as For the past couple days I've been dealing with a massive amount of off-meta teammate against meta enemies. It has land me in a very bad spot to the point where I'm about to be demoted. And just at the right time I saw this video on youtube. Aside for the champion picks. One point the video talked about were queue dodging. So as i looked back, i should've dodge many of the games. I should've dodged when my support locked in varus/Yummi I should've dodged when my mid picked ryze I should've dodged when my enemy picked aatrox I should've dodged when my jungler had low winrate and locked in lee sin. But even know that it's hard to pull the trigger, I just dodged my last queue due to my team having fiora and kassadin while my enemy had zed and aatrox. And then i dodged the next game due to my bot been ashe+yummi while enemy had pyke+cait However i was kinda in between since we had a darius vs their irelia, and i was able to pick up vel'koz against a ryze(really bad for soloQ with woping 44% winrate setting at the bottem of tierlist) So i don't know if that was a good decision to dodge or that we might've won it. Knowing that they will likely lose the lane due to been weaker picks i dodged that game. It took a lot of time to check people's status, and it was very hard to make a swift decision, especially as people are picking.

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