The difference between the EUW / NA forum moderation team is unspeakable.

I don't mean to offend the EUW moderation team on a personal level as I have nothing with them, nor do I know them, nor do I believe that I would be able to pass right judgement on them. But holy smacks they are sensitive and I mean *ultra* levels of sensitive. There is virtually absolutely, absolutely no place for even stuff like "don't be stupid", where as, here, on NA, look at this thread: The people there are somewhat heated, but still civilized. The OP himself uses the f-word. This kind of thread would get you banned on EUW, yet here, it is fine. I don't support the usage of swear words just to be cool, but if you keep it at a low, while I agree that there are better words to describe a situation, they do add flavor, though this view is very twisted and I get it, on **EUW, people get banned for anything negative when their content could just be removed if you can clearly tell they had no ill-intent.** Why so? I know different regions handle their matters differently, but this difference is huge.
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