Moderators removed thread that pointed out double standards.

"Hey Paintchip, We've recently removed your post for violating the Golden Rule on the Boards: "Don't be a jerk: Always be respectful to players, community members, moderators, and Rioters. Harassment and insults will not be tolerated". Your removed content: This post needs to be deleted and the moderator needs to be banned for discussing it. They also need to be removed form the moderation team for violating their own rules. This individual who had a different point of view was banned form boards for merely not being on the same side. While we understand you disagree with this persons actions lately, following them around to different threads just to attack them and call for their removal is something that won't be tolerated here. If you have an issue with a mod then take it up on The NA Boards Discord or in Discuss the Boards, but don't follow them around to random posts to try to lobby for their removal. While we aren't taking any actions against your account at this time, please keep in mind that continued violation of the Boards Universal Rules and sub-board guidelines may result in future punishments. -- Prandine" This is the copy and pasted message I received for calling out a moderator who was taking part of a racism discussion, yet that same moderator said it was justified to ban a person from the boards for discussing the PAX event. Even though several moderators have done the same thing including discussing it with the individual they banned (this moderator even made a personal attack against this poster), they didn't agree with his opinion so they just accused him of talking about politics, even though it was about PAX. Also there where 3 moderators that specifically targeted said banned individual. I have reported these individuals several times, but as you know and can see, they are the ones that control who gets punished and they DO NOT punish themselves or their comrades. Now this is in the discuss boards section and I have clearly left out the names, so you can not falsely accuse me of "following" (even though they put a giant fucking emblem on threads they post in) anyone. Further more calling out someone for double standards is NOT following them. And moderators are supposed to moderate in a fair and balance manner on the boards, so it is in the right spot, because they are part of the boards. I'm simply pointing out the fact that they are breaking the rules they are punishing people for and linking their post is not following them, it is pointing out facts for people. Everyone always ask for links anyways. EDIT: Forgot, they removed my other thread, or I would post that too for evidence to point out exactly what I said. You could see I never was a "jerk" I just pointed out that they broke the rules, kind of like what this moderator did.
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