Let's talk about toxicity and throw some ideas together.

So I recently got permabanned and I'm not saying, I got it so that means **I overdid** it with chat. But isnt a "permanent ban" too much and maybe not even working in some cases? Now, what I mean when I say it may dont work on some cases. I have played so so many times with teammates that claimed that they have been permabanned before. And** their behavior didnt change at all** I have to say. And what do I mean by saying "too much": I mean like, someone have been harrassed by someone and kinda gets triggered and responds with not a clear mind. I know I have a fault on this one, and whoever does it it's **HIS fault**, but everyone makes mistakes, that doesnt mean he should get prevented of playing the game. > flamers never stopped, and a permaban will never stop them. > permaban sounds more of a revenge from a player to a player. toxicity havent stopped and wont stop that way 1st idea: perma chat ban So lets say. The flame goes on. Still goes on for a couple games. Perma chat ban. that will prevent the player from creating another account and keep flaming, and just go on without the ability of chating. pings and champ select chat is enough of communication for someone that talks offensive and does not help his team with the chat. or after a couple of chat bans perma chat ban !BUT! with 4-5 texts per a whole game. 2nd idea: prevently language filter (for all players) I mean riot, has set up a system which detects the toxic words. Insted of that they would use it someway to not let the player send a toxic message/text. It would detect a toxic word and a notification will tell you that this is not allowed. No player can send toxic words that way, with no way. Like seriously stand for a minute and think clearly about it. Before you think that I'm a dude that got perma'd and just want his account back. I can create another account. but what about the people that gets perma all over and over again and just wont stop being toxic? If the goal is to clear toxic off of the game, permaban is not a solution. I mean there are flamers that wont even get banned. **!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm talking SPECIFICALLY for CHAT BEHAVIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! inters and griefers, shall be dealed of other ways. ** . {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Read the full discussion and comments before downvoting, or comenting something that is mentioned. Thank you very much. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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