Can we get some clarity on what is harassment?

I am making this post to inquire on what qualifies as harassment. I recently has a post removed, although no punishment given. I don't know how much I can go into it without getting this thread removed, but I'll try to paste the first one and see how it goes > Really? Deleting and copy pasting this for at least the third time in a row? Uh oh, looks like it's you that can't handle negative criticism lol. Hypocrite much? > Maybe you should come up with better criticism then "most of what comes out of your mouth reeks of blue pill and cum" Now I can see how parts of this could be considered negative and can reasonably justify why it was removed. The issue I'm having with this is that my post was removed within an hour of being posted about 3 hours ago. Here are some posts I reported about 15 hours ago that are still up at the time of writing this where one person is directly harassing another: > 1) most of what comes out of your mouth reeks of blue pill and cum > 2) Still trying to muster up the energy to care. By the way, your repeated attempts to suck Riot off aren't going to be rewarded, you know that right? > 3) the only idiot I see here is you > 4) You sure do write a lot, despite me literally saying I don't read any of it. How amusing. Now again, I can see why my post was removed, but cannot understand how if my post is considered removable that these posts are deemed ok. Even if the person admitted to doing it in their response, but thats a different subject. I understand there is some sort of queue when things get reported, but these comments were reported a full 12 hours ***before*** I even made the comment that was removed, which was removed within the hour. How did my posts jump 12+ hours ahead in the queue over the other ones? I re-reported these comments 2 hours ago idk what else to do. Was my post removed because I directly quoted the person saying "most of what comes out of your mouth reeks of blue pill and cum"? Alright, but the post where the person actually tells someone "most of what comes out of your mouth reeks of blue pill and cum" is still up? I'm just having difficulties wrapping my head around this. What gives?

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