Excuse me if this Point has been made Before

In "Real Life", here in the USA for example, I can vote at age 18, but I need to be, in most cases, of a higher age to actually run for office (like 25 for Representative) (besides additional restrictions). These boards allow posting at any level, but an account must be level 30 to vote. It seems to me that this is backwards, and should be changed. The requirements for voting on a post should be less, than the requirements for actually posting. Voting is a right, and should be open to any account that reaches a certain level, say 15 (the level at which one currently gains full rune access). But Posting should be the right of players who have worked to achieve a certain higher level and permanence. Traditionally, here, that seems to be level 30. At the very least, it seems backwards that accounts can post but not vote.
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