Question about my post being deleted.

So I made a post called "Would you like to see infinity edge nerfed" the post was deleted because they want me to "spend a bit more time on your post and keep your content constructive". Ok I understand now that you want me to say more than 1 sentence in the body of my post. My body was "So ADC's can stop doing so much damage". I just want to explain why I made the body only 1 sentence. I have made many posts and have learned that the ones I make that usually get the most views,votes, and comments are those that are short and sweet. They get to the point right away before the reader loses their attention and moves on to the next post instead of making posts that are long essays that eventually make readers lose their focus. So my question is what is a good middle ground between being constructive content and giant essays? How many sentences should I use to have my post be considered constructive? Or was it the content itself that was bad? I've seen posts before that use only one sentence so I thought that was ok to use.
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