Preseason Healthbar Update v3

How do you do, fellow kids? We’re back with another iteration on the healthbar update based on feedback. Let’s review what we’re trying to achieve here: **Feels** - Familiar, but better (no relearning, no change to things like last hitting) - Game to game differences, not moment to moment - Interacting with objectives is more satisfying - Interacting with defensive windows is more satisfying (heals, shreds, etc) - Bodying fools feels better than ever. **Gameplay** - Easier to track the flow of a fight. - More intuitive play/counterplay around defensive windows. - More intuitive play/counterplay around unique mechanics (extra life, unstoppable, etc). - Huge clarity gains when spectating and watching streams. **V3 Changelist** - Ammo resources like Jhin, Corki, Annie have the same treatment as Live. - Lots of color tweaks and some sizing tweaks. - Lots of animation tweaks. - Tower burst, shake, and death animations are in. - Option to turn off shake animation coming this week. - Baron’s healthbar now stays in place rather than bouncing all over. - Resurrecting state improvements. **Future Stuff** - Healing over time - Damage over time - Color code objective takes - Kill streaking - Stealth state **Lookee Lookee** Here’s a spiffy video which shows the changes in a real game setting. Note, there’s a few spectator bugs here such as dragon health is grey, etc. Try to ignore those <.< As always, we're still looking for feedback as you guys dive into the changes. Thanks!
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