[ FOLLOWUP ] Mordekaiser Update

Hey all, We're going to be trying out methods of making our internal design reviews player-facing. These reviews are mostly done on major champion releases, updates, and systems tuning that we roll out. We may dig into our archives for recently released champions as well. These reviews will probably not be very 'polished' in their presentation, rather, they're meant to be a way of showing how we examine our work. By looking back at our original goals and then examining what's currently working (or not working) in the present day, we can be more transparent about followup changes while also being able to discuss what 'good' looks like. This is very much an experimental process, but hopefully it proves valuable in the long run. Our first trial is going to be... **Mordekaiser**. **Goals** * Solidify Mordekaiser in the Juggernaut space (low mobility, high close-range threat) * Offer a different non-Marksman duo lane experience * Add new strategic meaning to Dragon **What's Working** * Strengths / Weaknesses profile aligns with Juggernaut space * Provides a different bot lane experience and has unique ally synergies * Dragon creates unique and memorable moments **Concerns** * Extremely early / mid game dominant - lacks true, exponential late game scaling * Both Morde and Dragon follow this power curve * Too difficult to interact with in lane, due to sustain on top of sustain * High AP ratios (especially on R) still leading to Morde being potentially too bursty * Q damage ramping is extreme and readability is poor - leads to weird "what happened?" moments on Q3 hits * Tankiness is extremely inconsistent (unlike other Juggernauts) due to Passive's scaling with direct damage output - increases snowball dependence * Dragon / pet controls are still clunky * Experience bonus passive may not be the optimal solution - it is effective and functional, but low in satisfaction and hard to understand **Next Steps** * Lower sustain early, better damage scaling late * Dragon needs more late game relevance and potentially less early game power * Flatten Q damage out (more on 1, less on 3) while still preserving the 3rd hit as a big, high moment * Increase the importance of effectively utilizing Passive / E to survive in lane and fights Hopefully this gives you guys a bit more insight into our current thinking on Morde and helps explain the direction we're moving him in with the recent patch. Feel free to chime in with any thoughts, questions, or concerns.
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