Teamfight Tactics-- /Dev Update: Your Feedback and the Road Ahead

Hey Folks! Teamfight Tactics has been out just under a week now, and we (and our servers at times) have been overwhelmed with the response. You’ve been playing a ton of games and been providing a ton of great feedback! We figured it’s a good time to discuss some of the hottest topics we’ve seen so far, and outline our future plans with the mode. # The rest of Patch 9.13 As we continue into this patch, and our Pre-Ranked Beta, we’ll be making swift adjustments and balance changes every few days as new things are discovered. By the time you read this, we’ll have already made adjustments to Garen, Yasuo, Morellonomicon, Kennen, the drop chances of all units, and more. We’ll be at this pace and as much as needed all the way up to 9.14. Our goal is that when the season starts, Teamfight Tactics will be in the best possible state. We’ll also be on the lookout for any nasty bugs that need immediate attention, so keep pointing them out to us when you see them! # Patch 9.14 - Ranked & New Content With the official start of our first season (we’re calling it the “Beta Season”), you’ll be able to join the ranked queue and climb the ladder to see just how great of a tactician you really are. Something worth noting is that while you can’t win every game of TFT, if you place in the Top 4 you’ll typically gain LP and move up in rank. So even if you aren’t quite able to find the units or items you were looking for, don’t give up! We will also be adding our first new champion to Teamfight Tactics in patch 9.14! Twisted Fate, a Pirate Sorcerer will help you dubloon seeking tacticians flesh out your team comps and think about your early game differently. # Patches Beyond We plan on adding new content almost every patch. Our first new origin should be coming up quickly, opening up even more build paths and options for you to get crafty with. We want to keep TFT fresh, exciting, and as fun to play as possible every time you log in. All of this will be leading up to the end of the Season, which is currently slated for around 3 months. At season end, we will be releasing our second set, which should kick off a whole new round of gameplay and excitement with new units and origins to shake up TFT! So, now that you know some of our longer term plans for TFT, let’s talk about some of the biggest feedback points we’ve heard from you. # Feedback #1: Item RNG feels bad To be up front about this, we think RNG is good for Teamfight Tactics in the long term. It prevents every game from feeling the same, and makes high moments and stories when you happen to get everything you want. We’ve already seen player stories of that one game where they managed to get 3 Force of Natures! This is a good thing. That being said, we agree that the range of variance right now is a touch too severe. Getting absolutely nothing goes against the spirit of the game, especially when the item system is really fun to interact with. Getting nothing robs you of the ability to engage with a really fun system and make cool strategic choices (and finding some nutty broken combos). So, we’re making some changes. We’re still ironing out the exact details, but there’ll be more guaranteed drops. We’re also experimenting with dropping other things besides items, such as gold, XP, or even champs. You can expect to see these changes in 9.14. Once they are in, let us know how it feels. # Feedback #2: I wish there was more info in the UI We agree. We wanted to get the beta in your hands as soon as possible so that everyone could start enjoying TFT. Now that we’ve launched, we’ll be adding a bunch of new UI elements to provide more clarity on how things work. This includes: Damage Meters, Stat panels for units, Streak Indicators, Item Previews from the inventory, adjustments to current UI placements, and much more. It’s a high priority, so you should expect the first round of UI updates to start rolling out in 9.14 . We’re still listening, so keep giving us feedback on things you feel are missing! # Feedback #3: I should get rewards like XP from playing We hear you on this one. Certainly the lack of rewards/progress since we’ve launched can be felt, though by the time you read this the Beta Pass will have been released and you should be well on your way to earning some nice new personalization content like board skins and a free Little Legend. We’ll be working on longer term progression plans for TFT. We’re also thinking about how we can best integrate Summoners Rift, ARAM, TT, and TFT into one cohesive experience when they all offer considerably different gameplay. By the time you’re reading this players that have purchased the Arcade Pass will now also be able to earn Arcade tokens by playing TFT. We’d leaned away from this approach initially, but you made it clear this is something you wanted, so we revisited our thinking and made a few pivots to make it happen. # Feedback #4: Player Damage/Items/Other things don’t feel right One of the best things about launching Teamfight Tactics as a beta is the opportunity to get feedback from all of you. Please continue to let us know if there are parts of TFT that don’t feel great to you, and we’ll continue to make changes. ---------------------------------------------------------------- That’s it for now. We’re planning on being open as we can with our comms around TFT, so expect many more articles like this as we move forward. We love all the feedback we’ve been getting, and want to make sure you feel heard. Thanks for your support so far, and good luck out there! The TFT Dev Team
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