Taliyah post-release follow up

Hello friends and fans of underwater stone basket weaving! Taliyah is out in the world and weaving stones / breaking bones (albeit sometimes mostly her own). I want to open the floor to questions from all of you fine folk here, but first, let me say a few words about where Taliyah is now and what our plan is. **Taliyah released weak** It makes sense that when you play a champion for the first time you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re going to have less of a chance to win your game. It also makes sense that if you’ve never seen anyone play the champion before, you don’t even know where to start. So champions releasing at a low winrate is a good thing (if they released at 50%, they’d be game-breakingly OP within a week), but 37% was too much of a good thing for Taliyah. Taliyah mostly struggles in lane due to the duration of exhausted ground and her inability to counter-push against someone with great wave clear (which is many mid lane champions). We’ve addressed some of that in a hotfix already, but we’re planning to help her out some more in 6.11. **Taliyah mostly does what we want her to** Taliyah is mostly played midlane and has the highest winrate midlane. She punishes sidelanes with her roams, but also dies due to, shall we say, ambitious ults. That’s all good! She also rewards players who constantly look for fresh ground for her Q. That said, there are some shaky bits, but instead of going over them all myself, I will now open this thread for questions. I’m absolutely certain that some of you will have questions (and I may have one or two answers ready). _So let me know: how have you been enjoying Taliyah? What are your questions and suggestions?_ **EDIT: I answered as much as I could tonight. Sorry if I didn't get to your post! Make sure to check if I haven't answered it elsewhere.**

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