Nexus Blitz Dev 8/3: Jungle goals

Hi friends, Figured it would be useful to start a series of posts that give greater context on the changes we make to Nexus Blitz as we get closer to the live Alpha. This is the first. Let's talk about the jungle. --- **Nexus Blitz Jungle** We want the jungle in Nexus Blitz to be easier/more learnable than on SR (and perhaps a good place to practice basic mechanics before trying the role on the bigger map). Since NB only has 2 roles (Lane and Jungle) it's very likely that everyone will be end up jungling at some point. Hopefully, we can preserve a number of the parts of jungling that SR junglers enjoy while expanding the appeal of the role to non-junglers as well. We also like duo jungling quite a bit and are hoping that it feels fresh and exciting to play with a friend (who might be better or worse than you). We're trying to remove as many barriers to that experience as possible. To that end, the Nexus Blitz jungle is being tuned to allow numerous champion combos to function. The primary challenge when clearing isn't health cost, but time. Camps don't hurt all that much, especially after the first clear, and mainly just take a while to kill. We'll also be looking at the starting jungle items and enchantments as needed to ensure that a wide range of classes can fit into the role. Duo jungle helps here because you can pick pairs that compensate for each other's weaknesses. So far we've seen tanks{{champion:57}} , fighters{{champion:92}} , mages{{champion:63}} , and even some marksman and support pairs{{champion:222}} {{champion:117}} have success. Fingers crossed we can keep a hold of that diversity once Nexus Blitz's four-week live alpha begins and a meta shakes out. At the end of the day we don't expect EVERY champion to jungle in NB, but we do hope we can get a wider range of picks, supporting tons of potential pairings. Do you have any thoughts on NB jungle? Things you like? Ways to improve it? Please keep the feedback coming. {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:222}} -August- -Nexus Blitz team-
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