Experimental "Max Cast Range" Changes Coming to PBE!

> **RESULTS UPDATE**: After careful consideration, we have decided to fully revert this set of changes. Thanks to everyone for your feedback! This kind of thing is highly subjective and varies for all sorts of reasons. We ultimately agreed that the burden of asking players to re-learn spells was too high of a cost, even though there were benefits to the changes (especially for new players). Hi everyone, For the last few weeks, the team and I have been experimenting with a potential change to the way a handful of area-based spells work. To explain, let's use Miss Fortune's E as an example: In the LIVE game, casting E outside of its maximum cast range will cause Miss Fortune to move towards the desired target area, then automatically cast the spell. On PBE, this spell (and the others listed below) will be "constrained to cast range." This means that, if cast outside of max cast range, the spell will instantly be cast at max cast range instead. > **Why are we trying this? Here are our goals:** > > 1. Create a more intuitive and instinctive aiming experience for players > 2. Create a higher percentage of "success cases" when these spells are cast > 3. Preserve player mastery opportunities and skill-based aiming After a bit of internal testing, we came up with a list of criteria to help inform which spells could benefit from this change. From there, we arrived at the list we're pushing to the PBE for player feedback: * Heimerdinger E and RE * Miss Fortune E * Singed W * Twitch W * Varus E * Ziggs E * **GANGPLANK E** * **VIKTOR W** * **SYNDRA Q** **Couple of notes and thoughts to consider:** These changes are highly subjective, and there will be a meaningful cost of "re-learning" how these spells work. We're willing to accept a little bit of this cost, but not much. If reactions are mixed or negative, we'll revert them. This is an experiment, after all. That sentiment is especially true for the last three spells written in **BOLD**, which we think are riskier than the rest. These were changed to potentially alleviate player input issues with things like Gangplank's barrel combos and Syndra's Q/E hit confirms. We're especially interested in how these feel to players who play these Champions a lot, so please let us know your thoughts! Thanks, -Lutzburg

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