Runes Corner: Domination Major Slot Sneak Peek

Hi friends! Welcome to this week’s Rune Corner. I’m Riot Sparkle, Experience Designer on Runes Reforged and I’m here to be your rune guide for today. This week we’re gonna take a break from keystones (but we’ll be back soon with more!) to round out a complete set of runes from our Domination path. **!!! WIP DISCLAIMER: **Please do remember that we’re still working on these runes, so names, icons, numbers and DEFINITELY in game VFX will change before these ship. That being said, if there’s anything you folks really like be sure to let us know! **!!!** As you may remember from [Riot Stashu’s post](, Domination is a path focused on stalking prey and taking out targets quickly. The major rune slot in Domination focuses on that first part - tracking down your enemies. We’ve already seen one rune from this slot in the past - Zombie Ward. First introduced by [RiotWrekz](, Zombie Ward is about turning an enemy’s safe zones against them. **Zombie Ward ** After killing an enemy ward, a friendly Zombie Ward is raised in its place. Zombie Wards are visible, last for 180 seconds and don’t count towards your ward limit. But what if you want an option that doesn’t require enemy actions to make use of? Or one that loves you? That’s where our next choice, Watchful Poro, comes in. **Watchful Poro** When you enter brush, a poro appears. It will stay behind to give you vision until an enemy champion scares it away or you enter a new brush. _Sidenote_: You may notice this poro is definitely not a poro. This is what I mean with the temporary VFX - sometimes you need to use your imagination a little! We’ll be getting this little guy a proper model and icon soon. We’ve seen Watchful Poro used for all kinds of interesting scenarios - personal protection against ganks, pointing out areas with wards for teammates or even deep warding early with some careful pathing. So at this point you may be thinking to yourself, what if I want to stalk my prey WITHOUT having to manage extra thingies in my game? Well, there’s an option for that too - Trophy Collector. **Trophy Collector** Gain +1 Ability Power or +.7 Attack Damage (Adaptive) when you or a nearby ally kill an enemy champion or an enemy ward. Trophy Collector still touches on the core fantasy and gameplay of stalking prey, but instead of focusing on the set up it’s more concerned with the payoff. This rune is more unreliable compared to its neighbors but can offer more direct power as well, similar to other aggressive gambits like the Bloodlust rune in Precision. _______ So that’s all three runes in this slot! Remember, the way the new runes work means that you can only ever have one of these in your page at a time - they’re mutually exclusive. Really excited to read your thoughts and reactions for these runes! We’ll be hanging around in the comments section for a while to answer questions and, if we’re very lucky, maybe even meme. You can check the previous Runes Corner posts here: Runes Corner: [Runes Content Development Peek]( Runes Corner: [Meteor Sneak Peek]( Runes Corner: [Hunt of the Bloodmoon Sneak Peek](

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