Details on our extra patch coming in December!

Hey guys, I made a comment over on gameplay regarding a patch with a focus on fighters and wanted to provide a bit more details since visibility on this additional patch is somewhat low. Here's an outline of the patches that we're going to do: **7.24 - Ships December 5/6 **depending on Region the content for this patch has already locked and was on pbe over the past cycle. No changes or surprises here other than that the 7.24 is **usually** the last patch of the year. Leading to my next point.. **7.24B - Shipping December 14th ** The holiday patch if you will - With how disruptive introducing a whole new system like Runes can be, we weren't super comfortable with the gap between 7.24 and 8.1 (December 5th - January 10th), so have added a new patch that'll ship on a bit of a weird timeline compared to usual patches. We're still going to do patch notes (albeit with less context than usual), and it'll look like a normal patch to you folks. You can expect these changes to be less complex in nature - no mechanics changes and easy to understand. Thinking tuning numbers to base stats, abilities, and items. Right now we're actually looking at a fairly sized chunk of champions / items, but we'll see what we end up shipping. Primary focus is on top lane/fighters, but expect changes to impact every role to varying extents. THIS PATCH IS ONLY FOR BALANCE - NO SKINS/FEATURES/MAP MODES! **8.01 - Shipping ~January 9th/10th** Due to the way holidays overlap with the usual development time for a patch, 8.1 is likely going to be smaller than a usual patch, but we're going to try our best to get some quick reactionary changes in based on what we see over the holiday break. After that we'll be able to resume patching as usual. Hope this information is useful!
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