Preseason: Rise of the Elements on PBE!

Hey all, let’s begin this epic journey into season 10 with Rise of the Elements, preseason's gameplay component, on PBE today! We're keeping the changes on PBE for an extended 4 week period to iron out all of the bugs and polish that we can before patch 9.23. Go here for our original announcement blog with most of the details: **Some extra clarification** We think that the new dragon changes will probably push more power in to the bot/jungle side of the map, so with a combination of herald and XP changes, we’re aiming to put a bit more late game carry potential into the hands of top laners. Elemental drake spawns * The first 3 drakes will always be unique. * Ex. Ocean->Infernal->Mountain is possible but Ocean->Ocean->Infernal is not Rift Herald buffs * Spawn time 10 >>> 8 min * Can respawn after 6 min * Channel time to spawn the herald 4s >>> 1s Minion XP changes * 2% increase to solo lane XP and 2.4% decrease to duo lane XP * Level 2 breakpoints are the same for both solo and duo lanes Jungle XP changes * Overall 4% decrease to xp, less if you're gaining catchup xp * Krugs XP nerfed, Gromp XP buffed to make both sides of the jungle viable pathing choices * Clearing any side of the jungle will get you level 3 Monster Buff VFX Updated * We’ve got an updated version of Red, Blue, Baron, Elder, and the new Dragon Soul buff VFX in **Changes from our announcement** Cloud drake soul * Announced: Reduce your cooldowns when hitting enemies with attacks or abilities. * Updated: Gain a burst of Movement speed for 3s after using your ultimate * The previous effect was pushing basic ability cooldowns too low in a way that felt similar to the reasons we decided to remove Spear of Shojin. Our new effect instead puts the power into a movement speed buff to also create more interesting uses on more champions. Kleptomancy Rework * We previously announced: Power siphoned out of gold procs and into elixirs to weaken the "farm my opponent" pattern, especially ranged vs melee. * Updated: Klepto has been significantly reworked into a “mastery of all keystones” playstyle. You cycle between all of the keystones - they key is to use them effectively and quickly for max value. * Gain a random keystone - once it is used gain another after 7 seconds. * Includes - Lethal Tempo, Fleet Footwork, Aery, Comet, Phase Rush, Predator (only if you have boots), Electrocute, Hail of Blades, Grasp of the Undying, Glacial Augment * Keystones cycle pseudo randomly - you cannot repeat a keystone for 5 rolls after it has been used * Entering the fountain will reroll your current keystone **More preseason item changes** It's been a few months since we talked about our intent to clean up the item shop, and preseason is the time for those changes. As a reminder, we want to remove items that are (a) unhealthy, (b) too similar to another item, (c) very low usage rate, and/or (d) reducing the number of impactful decisions the item system offers. This'll free up space to add more items to the store, such as the new Sanguine Blade lethality item. **Item removals** Zz’rot Portal * This item has led to split push strategies that don’t involve enough champion interaction. We may revisit this type of strategic item in the future, but it would require more risk for the champion user to apply tower pressure. Ohmwrecker * This item has been underused and underpowered for a very long time. The tower disable effect is an interesting interaction that can exist in LoL, but it has been hard to balance in the item space because we would not be happy if we saw tower disable become a baseline on most team comps. Raptor Cloak * With no items to build into, we can clean this up. Shurelya’s Reverie Reworked * Shurelya's has had a hard time finding users and overlaps considerably with Righteous Glory. We want to try and shift it to enchanter stats to create a new option for supports and leave tanks with Righteous as an option. * Updated Shurelia’s: * Forbidden Idol + Crystalline Bracer + 850g (total cost 2300g) * 300hp * 10% CDR * 100% health regen * 100% mana regen * 10% heal/shield power * Active: 40% movement speed for 3s for you and nearby allies (90s cooldown) Kircheis Shard buff * This middle tier item has been quite underpowered and a bit of a trap to build early. * Kircheis Shard damage 50 >>> 60 * Damage from Energized procs now stacks, rather than using the strongest one * Stormrazor proc buffed from 50 to 60-80 based on level * Statikk Shiv and RFC Energized proc reduced from 60-140 to 60-80 **Coming Soon** Melee vs ranged lanes * Primarily we want to make sure that we have mechanics to safeguard from ranged champions taking over top lane, which is the primary place where we get melee 1v1 matchups * Current iterations have some additional melee only power added to Doran’s Shield Final icons for new items * What you’re seeing are very early sketches, updates will be coming soon Stormrazor improvements * We’re hoping to both improve the power of Stormrazor (as it’s only viable for 1 champ currently) and find ways to make it a more appealing item for more players. Should be some updates in the next week on this. Tons of visual polish and performance improvements * We are still finishing up all of the pieces for each elemental rift to make them feel unique and alive. Additionally in the final weeks we will be cleaning up a lot of stuff under the hood to make sure that there are no FPS drops or hitches with all of the new art. A few more things still might be coming. * We’re testing out a few other item changes and making sure that we have mechanics in place so that we can tune every position after launch if we need to adjust. We hope you enjoy playing Rise of the Elements early and we would love to hear feedback or any issues you encounter in the wild. -The Summoner’s Rift Team **UPDATE 10/23** Presence of Mind Rune * Ult CDR removed * Still restores mana on takedown * Restores 20% energy on takedown * Grants 5 max energy or 35 max mana on takedown (up to 10 times) Doran's Shield Update * 80 Health * 6 Hp5 * Basic attacks deal 5 extra damage to minions * CHANGED: On taking single target attack or spell regenerate up to 40 (melee) 30 (ranged) health over 8s (live is 30 over 10s) **UPDATE 10/24** Jungle tuning iteration 2 After our first round of tuning we see that balancing Krugs and Gromp is going well but the balance between ganking and farming has been overly skewed towards ganking as priority. We want to open up more varied strategies for junglers and make the lost farm for ganking more substantial. * Krug -> Gromp rebalance unchanged * Non buff jungle camp respawns 2min 30s >>> 2 min * Average camp gold / XP down by 5% * Gold / XP per min for pure farm up by 12% **UPDATE 10/29** - Energize ADC items Our goals here are * Make Stormrazor a viable and more integrated item into ADC build options * Simplify the energized system so that stacking or not is a clear and compelling choice * Differentiate RFC and Statikk Shiv more Energized * All energized effects now stack Statikk Shiv * Energized damage 60-140 >>> 140 * All energized attacks chain to lightning targets Rapid Fire Cannon * Energized damage 60-140 >>> 50 * Range increase max 150 >>> 200 * Attack Speed 30 >>> 35% * No longer increases energize charge speed Stormrazor * Cost 3100 >>> 3200 * AD 60 >>> 50 * Crit chance 0% >>> 25% * AS unchanged * Build path BF + Cloak of Agility + Kircheis Shard + 500 * Energized damage 50 (unchanged) * Energized effects are increased by 35% >>> Charge Energize 35% faster **UPDATE 11/5** Lethality Items * Set bonuses removed - these were feeling more like punishment than bonus, so this iteration makes all of the lethality items standalone and choices should depend on their unique value * Lethality item stats buffed (to compensate for lost set bonuses) * New item added Umbral Blade - this item takes on the blackout passive from Duskblade and is a cheap utility focused niche * Umbral Blade - 2400 total cost, Serated Dirk + 2 Long Swords, 50 AD + 10%CDR + 10 Lethality + Blackout passive * Duskblade now has Grevious Wounds on the Nightstalker damage proc, and the blackout effect is removed to create a bit more context for when Duskblade is the right choice Energize Items * Some tuning on the individual items * Zeal now builds out of Cloak of Agility instead of Brawlers Glove (total cost 1400g and now has 25% crit chance) * Cloak of Agility crit chance 20% -> 25% * Brawlers glove removed from the shop **UPDATE 11/6** Final mechanics update, after this we're focused on bug fixing and numbers tuning. * Duskblade - removed the new grievous wounds effect. Replaced with more AD and Lethality. * Sanguine Blade - The "unquenced" passive now grants some additional Lethality alongside the Attack Speed bonus when only facing 1 enemy. This will help us balance power between champion damage and pure minion/tower pushing. * Cloud dragon soul wasn't bringing enough power to match the other souls - added 10% movement speed baseline passive, still keeps the burst of speed after ult cast * Conqueror penalty for ranged changed for better usability - Instead of a shorter buff duration ranged stack 1 per hit and melee stack 2 per hit (max stacks 10)
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