So, about those SKT skins... 2017 Edition

Hello players who love Skins, players who love SKT and, in this particular case, players who love SKT Skins! When we first shipped the SKT Skins to PBE, we heard some concerns over their pricing. More specifically, we have a “Guide to Skin Price Tiers” on our player support page that promises that 1350RP skins would have new sounds, and some of these SKT skins don’t. First, I want to apologize that we’ve not updated this guide in so long. When we originally wrote it four years ago, our philosophy on pricing skins was different (not dramatically, but still). When we change our thinking, this also means we owe you an explanation, and we failed to do this. In the case of these SKT skins, all of our normal playbooks were thrown out. We didn’t look at them as an individual set of features, but rather a holistic experience. We wanted to create World Championship skins that are highly commemorative and, because they are rev-shared, give you an opportunity to honor SKT in a really meaningful way. We don’t charge you for “our effort.” There is no evil overlord tracking our hours and converting that into RP. But, there is a level of value and quality that we strive for when creating content and once we hit it, we price accordingly. In the case of the 2016 SKT World Championship Skins, we believe they are priced fairly for what they are: a high quality execution across a number of dimensions, even if those dimensions don’t 1:1 match our checklist. But we also know we made a commitment, so we’re going to live up to it. We’re still planning to release these skins at 1350RP in Patch 7.13, but we will release an update to them soon after that adds in sounds and checks those boxes. Honestly speaking, we’re not sure if the skins are necessarily better for it. That’s why they weren’t part of their original design. But we also don’t feel that we’re holding up our end of the bargain otherwise. This conversation also gives us an opportunity to revamp our policies to match how we currently approach our work. We owe you an updated explanation that really gets into why we make the things we make. We’ll probably also update or retire that article once we can. We’re really excited to launch these 2016 SKT Championship Skins, and thank you for all of your feedback to help make them the best they can be. xoxo SuperCakes

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