Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 28

Hey all, Usual deal, thoughts on some stuff below. Next week should be looking a bit more at 7.10 stuff and then thoughts on how the mid-season changes have landed/what followup's needed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Twitter Updates** From today on in addition to posting stuff here I'll also be tweeting out a link to these posts. @RiotMeddler / https://twitter.com/riotmeddler should you wish to follow for those. Will probably use the account for the occasional other thing as well at some point. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Possible 7.10 work** Now that the 7.9 patch has been locked (we're in the final testing period, so can't put any more changes into it) we've started looking at 7.10 changes. It's likely there'll be a fair bit of followup to mid-season needed, so it's hard to speak definitively about what will be in 7.10, work we're looking at though includes: * Malz - W changes to make his solo laning more rewarding, reduce unhealthy impact of his support play (lack of good counterplay especially) * Heimer - Still looking at him, with focus points being late game effectiveness, better gameplay around turrets for enemies (melee ones especially) and being a better mid laner. * Rammus - Looking at some tweaks aimed at giving a bit more satisfaction/skill expression to ability use, clearer counterplay and a bit of modernization (e.g. more consistent collision checking on Powerball) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Talking about potential work like Heimer's** A little while back I mentioned we were going to try and get some work on Heimer in during 7.8 if time permitted. That didn't end up being possible though and 7.9 was busy enough it didn't make it in there either. As above It's still something we plan on doing at some point, but doesn't yet have a guaranteed patch date and that's something I wanted to talk about a little. When talking about upcoming work we've got two options. The first is to only talk about something when it's got an all but definite release date and is in a pretty final state. The second is to talk about things we're working on or planning to work on, but don't necessarily know exactly when we'll finish or what the exact changes might be. My inclination is to at least some of the time talk about work, like that Heimer stuff that's subject to change, on the theory that that both lets people give feedback earlier when it matters more and gives better insight into what we're thinking about. That does have the downsides though that sometimes stuff will get mentioned without details, get mentioned and not happen or get mentioned but take quite a while to happen. That seems like an ok thing to me, would love to hear people's thoughts though.
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