Runes Corner: Inspiration Runes Slot Sneak Peek

Hello! Welcome to this week's Rune Corner! I’m Riot Reinboom, a Tech Game Designer on Runes Reforged, bringing you a glimpse into the “weird one” of Runes Paths: Inspiration. **WIP DISCLAIMER:** Runes are in active development. This means that names, numbers, icons, game rules, or pretty much anything you can see can change before release. Of course, if there’s anything that you really like in particular make sure to call it out. I’ll be previewing you an Inspiration runes slot, one we’ve actually previewed a single Rune from before. Store Credit, and the rest of the Runes in this slot all aim to ask of you one *major* thing: Outwit your opponent in the early game. ... but before all that, a new Item. | |   | Stopwatch - 600 Gold |-|-|:- || | UNIQUE Active - Stasis: Become invulnerable and untargetable for 2.5 seconds, but be unable to move, attack, cast spells, or use items during this time (One time use) Stopwatch is new component of Zhonya's and Guardian Angel. It's meant to let you react to a painful situation the moment it becomes an issue and follow up with a solution for the rest of the game. "One time use" means that when you use Stopwatch, it shatters: | |   | Broken Stopwatch - 600 Gold |-|-|:- | | | Is broken, but can still be ugpraded. _(After breaking one Stopwatch, the shopkeeper will only sell you Broken Stopwatches.)_ A Broken Stopwatch can still be upgraded into Zhonya's and Guardian Angel, it just can't be used again. But... this is Runes corner, what's with the item? | |   | Perfect Timing |-|-|:- | | | Start the game with a Commencing Stopwatch that transforms into a Stopwatch after 6 minutes. Reduces the cooldown of Zhonyas Hourglass and Guardian Angel by 15%. Perfect Timing enables Stopwatch potentially even before your first back. It turns Stopwatch into a tool to let you transform an early risky play into being solidly in your favor. Perfect Timing is meant as one of the sharpest reactions in Runes Reforged. A direct answer or enabler to early dives in very specific matchups, at the cost of asking you to consider what your Runes build looks like with the Inspiration style defining _at least_ [one other option]( In addition to deconstructing item breakpoints (Store Credit) and questioning the results of early dives, Inspiration has one last toy in this slot. This one for pathing and vision play: | |   | Channel-Blink |-|-|:- | | | While Flash is on cooldown it is replaced by Channel-Blink. Channel-Blink: Channel for 2.5 seconds to blink to a new location. | | | Cooldown: 20 seconds. Goes on a 10 second cooldown when you enter champion combat. What does it mean to channel a Flash? Well... _Activation details: Moving doesn’t cancel the channel (but also doesn’t move you much), but being disabled or releasing the button early (before the first blue line) cancels it._ Channel-Blink gives you the map movement and big plays setup of Flash at any time you wouldn't otherwise have Flash. From creative jungle invades to side lane bush control, Channel-Blink enables a highly specialized type of map mobility and strategic level avoidance. And of course, this Runes slot also includes the previously revealed Store Credit: | |   | Store Credit |-|-|:- | | | You can enter debt to buy items. The amount you can borrow increases over time. Debt limit: 150 + 5/minute | | | Lending Fee: 50 gold per item --- We're really excited to see which Paths your inspiration takes you with these new Runes, as well as any other thoughts on them. We'll be hanging out in the comments section for a while to answer questions. :) You can check the previous Runes Corner posts here: Runes Corner: [Runes Content Development Peek]( Runes Corner: [Meteor Sneak Peek]( Runes Corner: [Hunt of the Bloodmoon Sneak Peek]( Runes Corner: [Domination Major Slot Sneak Peek]( Runes Corner: [Runes Corner: Stormlord's Mandate and Spellslinger's Surge](
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