Runes Corner: More Precision Runes

Hello! Welcome to this week's Rune Corner! I'm Riot Reinboom, a Tech Game Designer on Runes Reforged. Today, I'm bring you a glimpse into the legendary Precision style. **WIP DISCLAIMER:** Runes are in active development. This means that names, numbers, icons, game rules, or pretty much anything you can see can change before release. Of course, if there’s anything that you really like in particular make sure to call it out. Today I'll be showing you the entirety of a Precision regular Runes slot, the "Legend" slot. To start here's Legend: Alacrity: | |   | Legend: Alacrity |-|-|:- | | | Gain 5% attack speed plus an additional 3% for every *Legend* stack (max 5). | | |   | | | Gain *Legend* stacks for every 30 points earned: | | | 20 points for champion takedowns | | | 20 points for epic monster takedowns | | | 4 points for large monster kills | | | 1 points for minion kills All 3 runes in this slot share two qualities: Contrasting to many of the recent reveals, these runes offer a relatively straightforward stat. The legend mechanic. Even within the context of stats, nuanced and interesting decisions can be made that drive two playstyles apart. Even in the old runes system, Quintessences showed some of this. The difference in a Jinx taking a bit of extra Attack Speed to harass more regularly or taking a bit more Life Steal to carry her into the mid game reveals two very different types of Jinx play. But not all stats carry this same level of contrast. There is a subtle difference for a Jinx when it comes to Lethality versus Attack Damage runes, but for most players these two just play out as a very subtle math optimization game, and most players will let a guide get them through. For Runes Reforged, we want to capture the interesting stat decisions here without the ones that are more prone to being math problems. So, Attack Speed and Life Steal are good starts: | |   | Legend: Bloodline |-|-|:- | | | Gain 1% life steal for every *Legend* stack (max 5). But what's with that Legend mechanic? One of the largest issues we face with stats is what happens you *start* the game with a lot of it. Too much early Life Steal can make a lane drag on forever. Too little and it's just not very effective by the time mid game rolls around. Attack Speed can define jungle clear speeds, which means we could never offer enough to make it exciting elsewhere without making it mandatory for junglers. Legend is our take on making these decisions fully enabled by mid game, while having relevance throughout most of laning phase. At the same time, they also offer a way to show off your strengths over your opponent and get rewarded for it, speaking to the skillful and precise play the Precision path highlights. And of course, by slowing opening them up, we give a chance for laners to adapt to some stats that would otherwise be a bit more hard countery. | |   | Legend: Tenacity |-|-|:- | | | Gain 3% tenacity plus an additional 5% for every *Legend* stack (max 5). We'll be hanging out in the comments section for a while to answer questions. :) --- You can check the previous Runes Corner posts here: Runes Corner: [Runes Content Development Peek]( Runes Corner: [Meteor Sneak Peek]( Runes Corner: [Hunt of the Bloodmoon Sneak Peek]( Runes Corner: [Domination Major Slot Sneak Peek]( Runes Corner: [Stormlord's Mandate and Spellslinger's Surge]( Runes Corner: [Guardian Soul]( Runes Corner: [Summoner Specialist and Hextech Freezeray]( Runes Corner: [Late-Game Focused Runes](
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