Runes Corner: Three More Resolve Runes

Hello and welcome back for another Rune’s Corner! I’m Riot Gregab, a Tech Game Designer working on Runes Reforged. Today I want to show you a slot from the Resolve path that offers you three different strategic options around tankiness: Perseverance, Demolish, and Font of Life. **WIP DISCLAIMER:** All of these runes are still in active development. Names, numbers, icons, mechanics -- anything about them might change before release. The first option in this slot gives you personal defenses during key moments of conflict: | |   | Perseverance |-|-|:- | | | After casting a Summoner Spell, gain 25% Tenacity and 25% Slow Resistance for 10 seconds. Increase your bonus Armor and Magic resist by 10% for each Summoner Spell on cooldown. Taking Perseverance could give you the critical edge in a 1v1 duel or make sure you stay alive and functional in a team fight where you’re eating a lot of damage and crowd control effects. The next option, Demolish, on the other hand, gives you a way to turn your existing tankiness into power for taking objectives: | |   | Demolish |-|-|:- | | | Charge up a powerful attack against a tower over 4 seconds, while within 600 range of it. The charged attack deals 375 (+20% of your max health) bonus physical damage. | | | Cooldown: 60 seconds Demolish gives tanks a way to siege turrets that is based on their unique strengths: the ability to walk right up to a turret and occupy that critical (and very dangerous) area with their massive bodies. Here’s what it looks like in action: The final option in the slot lets tanky champions use their signature crowd control abilities and massive health bars to help their teams in fights. | |   | Font of Life |-|-|:- | | | Impairing the movement of an enemy champion marks them for 4 seconds. Ally champions who attack marked enemies heal for 5 + 1.0% of your max health. | | | (Healing values are reduced to a third for your own attacks.) Now, this may sound familiar. It’s an iteration on the live keystone mastery, Stoneborn Pact. The key differences here are that Font of Life offers an instant heal instead of spreading out its heal over time and that, unlike its predecessor, Font of Life users can also heal themselves with it. Ok! Hope you enjoyed reading about these new Resolve runes. We’ll be around in the comments to answer your questions and discuss them with you. You can check out the previous posts in this series here: Runes Corner: [Runes Content Development Peek]( Runes Corner: [Meteor Sneak Peek]( Runes Corner: [Hunt of the Bloodmoon Sneak Peek]( Runes Corner: [Domination Major Slot Sneak Peek]( Runes Corner: [Stormlord's Mandate and Spellslinger's Surge]( Runes Corner: [Guardian Soul]( Runes Corner: [Summoner Specialist and Hextech Freezeray]( Runes Corner: [Late-Game Focused Runes]( Runes Corner: [More Precision Runes](
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