Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 14

Hi all, Short post today as mid-season stuff nears PBE. We should have an overview of the mid-season gameplay changes coming out later today, with a bunch of additional details to follow Tuesday next week. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Non mid-season stuff in 7.9** We won't be doing much in the way of regular balance changes in 7.9, given the mid-season changes will shift a lot of balance issues around anyway. We are still putting time where possible into looking at some issues we think we'll want to return to after the mid-season regardless though. Those include an assessment of Gunblade's status, looking at getting Malz back to solo laning effectively and further exploration into possible Heimer changes (small ish in scope, wouldn't want to ship them unless we felt we could give him both better counterplay overall and more power overall). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Unanimous Surrender at 15 minutes** We'll be getting back to looking at/talking about the status of the test in Oceania soon after mid-season. Bunch of thoughts on how it went and what we should or shouldn't do next then. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Rek'Sai** Speaking of post mid-season things we're finally in a place where we've got some of the needed art time to work on Rek'Sai's mini update. Apologies for the delay on this one since we first mentioned it, in retrospect it's a case where we might want to have waited until the schedule was a bit more locked down before talking about its progress.

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