[ ! ] New AD Assassin Item in internal testing

Hi folks, One of the unintended side effects of the Marksman item update was the splash damage to other classes who used Last Whisper. Specifically, Assassins and many light fighters had been using LW as a powerful multiplier on their damage, regardless of who they were fighting, and LW’s updated form just doesn’t help kill their primary targets (squishies). Just wanted to share where that work is going. We’re producing a new to-be-named item for AD Assassins with the intent of providing them with a noticeable damage boost to replace the old Last Whisper in their builds. **Caveat:** This item probably won’t be on the PBE until next year, but I wanted to get some early feelers out there with this post. We’re currently in internal playtests on it. --- The item: **New Assassin Dagger** * Recipe: Serrated Dirk + B.F. Sword + ??? gold (over 3000 gold total, still fine tuning) * +75 Attack Damage * +5% Movement Speed * UNIQUE Passive: +10 Armor Penetration * UNIQUE Passive: Basic attacks on an enemy champion apply Nightfall (60 second cooldown). * **Nightfall:** After 2 seconds, deal 25% of the target’s missing health as physical damage. If the target dies before Nightfall ends, the cooldown is refunded. --- The main goal here is provide an assassin item that those champions will actually care about, ensuring they have the right hooks in the item system to feel good and scale appropriately with as few non-assassin abuse cases as possible. Secondary goals are providing a multiplier that is more powerful if you aren’t snowballed (a super fed Talon will 100-0 his primary target before Nightfall triggers, so he’ll be using the trigger on a lower priority opponent often without the support of his full combo). Additionally, this provides provides a fallback pattern where a failing assassin can still be useful to their team, e.g. by cooperatively killing targets they otherwise might ignore, or using this item as a multiplier on teammate damage. -- Riot Axes
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