[FOLLOWUP] Tahm Kench

Following on from the [Mordekaiser Update Follow-Up](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/3YnLEYkK-followup-mordekaiser-update), here's our internal design review for Tahm Kench. Please see Statikk's post on Mordekaiser for more context on what these design reviews are. I'll paste the actual review in this first post, but I'll also have a much more in-depth and verbose explainer posted as the first comment on this thread. I hope you like words, cause I got a lot of em. I will leave this thread open until Monday. **Original Goals:** * Make a tank who is not defined by AOE CC or single target pickoff * Offer a powerful and cool support function through ally devour * Enable strategic map mobility for two people * Can be played in multiple positions: both solo and support **What's working: ** * Ally devour is a big, cool moment for Tahm and his team * Tahm is picked frequently as a support, mostly for devour * Tahm is played successfully in top, support, and jungle **Problems:** * High level of frustration playing against: * MS away from enemy means ally devour is never the wrong move * Tough skin means killing Tahm feels like not an option either * Ult is mostly used solo, particularly outside of competitive play * High damage output means Tahm often chases down and kills people where it feels inappropriate for a support to do so **Possible next steps:** * Ally W no longer has MS away from enemy (going live in 5.24) * Encourage cooperative use of R: minimum wait time but quicker arrival * Reassess E tankiness: reduce shield duration and/or grey health duration * Investigate why some champions cannot opt out of fighting Tahm (more on this below)
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