Runes Reforged Path Summaries

Hey folks! With the [patch notes for 7.22 releasing today]( we figure it's a good time to talk a bit about how Runes will work and what they are again. :) So without further ado: **The Basics ** - Rune pages can be created or edited in champion select - You will pick one primary path and one secondary path for your rune page - You will slot in a total of 6 runes: - 1 keystone and 3 runes from your primary path - 2 runes from your secondary path - Each primary path gives a small stat bonus. Right now they are the same for each combination of paths, but that could change in the future. **Path Summaries** Here's a visual TL;DR for each Path and all the runes within it. For more detailed versions, be sure to check out the [official patch notes](! Sorcery Resolve Precision Domination Inspiration Happy to answer any Qs you may have and look forward to seeing you all on the Rift soon for Preseason!

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