Cannon Minion changes targeted for 8.7

Hi everyone, We're looking to ship some changes to primarily cannon minions (and a few others for the sake of tuning) for 8.7. The basic outcome of these changes is that cannons will be worth a fair amount more and be a bit tankier, while other minions will be worth slightly less gold. The idea behind these changes is that increasing the value of cannons will make them more worth fighting over, and that increasing their health will make the waves they're in not quite so easily cleared out. Some of you may recall that this approach is very similar to about half of a larger minion pass that appeared on the PBE for the 8.6 cycle, but we're not currently looking to add those other changes into the mix for now. Below are the tentative cannon minion changes and related tuning changes to the rest of the system: **Cannon Minions** * Base Gold Value :: 45 >>> 60 * Gold Value Growth per 90 seconds (3 waves) :: 0.35 >>> 3 * Base Health :: 828 >>> 900 * Health Growth per 90 seconds (3 waves) :: 23 >>> 50 * Health Growth per 90 seconds (3 waves) beginning at wave 16 :: 32 >>> 60 * Health bar size visually increased **Super Minions** * Base Gold Value :: 45 >>> 60 * Gold Value Growth per 90 seconds (3 waves) :: 0.35 >>> 3 **Melee Minions** * Base Gold Value :: 20 >>> 21 * Gold Value Growth per 90 seconds (3 waves) :: 0.125 >>> 0 **Caster Minions** * Base Gold Value :: 17 >>> 14 * Gold Value Growth per 90 seconds (3 waves) :: 0.125 >>> 0 One of the first things worth pointing out with these changes is that the total amount of gold acquirable from minions in the system is largely unchanged, with the percent difference in cumulative gold in the system starting around -1.5% and fluctuating between -1% and +1% by 20 minutes into the game. The major tuning consideration that still needs to be made if we're to go forward with this seems to be what to do about Relic Shield and its upgrades, since at optimal play, this sure results in increased gold generation for its users. As such, if you see an alteration to any of those items hit the PBE soon, that's likely why. Feedback on this stuff is welcome. If it seems there's something being neglected, please do call that out. Happy cannon hunting! Repertoir

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