Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 3

Hi folks, Usual deal, bunch of things we're thinking about right now below. As usual, this isn't a comprehensive 'everything going on' list, just stuff good to talk about today. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Click to hit spells and FoW** Our intent for single target, click to hit spells is that when they're cast they reveal the caster if they're in FoW/brush. That gives a bit of extra counterplay (against the champion, not necessarily the spell itself) to those abilities and improves clarity of what's going on at the same time. We've got a fix for Jhin Q in the next patch that makes it so that he is now correctly revealed on cast as a result. Mentioning this in particular since if anyone's aware of any other similar spells that don't have that reveal attached a mention of them would be much appreciated so we can give them a look, see if they should. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Lucian Changes on PBE** Figured it would be good to touch on these briefly since I don't know if the exact details have been datamined properly. We've got some buffs in for Lucian that target his cast times and consistency of action chaining as follows: * Q cast time now scales from 0.4s down to 0.25s by Lucian's level (was 0.35 flat previously) * W cast time is now 0.25s, LoL's standard/default cast time, rather than 0.35 * Post cast lock on both Q and W should now be able to be consistently overridden by other actions (attacks, movement, spell casts) rather than sometimes requiring multiple clicks on a target, clicking to move then clicking to attack etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Players reported for differences in playstyle versus their team** Linking this post from WookieCookie yesterday for anyone interested that didn't see it. Short version is that our rules and approach around how trade offs between unusual/experimental gameplay and team interaction get handled need refinement. We'll be looking at that internally next week, hopefully be able to bounce some ideas off you folks soonish after. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/5wtk72/in_regards_to_the_support_nunu_riots_3rd_rule_on/dedr1vp/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Spirit Guard Udyr Audio Fixes** We've got some fixes for some broken (not playing) audio lines on SGU. Not sure if those made the upcoming patch or if they'll be in the one after, yesterday was lock day for 7.5 and uncertain if they made it into before the lock or not. Looking back through Udyr's file history it looks like this is an issue that's cropped up multiple times for him. Along with making it so the lines play as they should we're also looking at a better structured way to call those lines in the first place so this doesn't happen again.
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