League Client Strike Team: An Update!

Hi all -- wanted to give you another update on the League Client Strike Team. We’ve been busy over the past couple of months working on behind-the-scenes performance improvements (to client startup and core game loop, and in reductions to overall memory footprint) as well as more obvious changes (such as [new filtering and sorting options in Champ Select](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/client/client-features/champ-select-upgrades-incoming), and UI changes to the main nav for some regions using Asian character sets.) We’ve also squashed a bunch of bugs impacting large numbers of players. Based on the data that players have shared with us, we’re seeing gradual improvements (on average) for players across all regions in the time it takes to load into the client, get through map/mode selection and Champ Select screens, and our overall bug report count. Feedback (which we gather from our surveys) has been trending positively, so that’s a decent indicator that we’re still focusing on the right things. Of course, our work is not yet finished. For starters, if you’re still having issues, we can definitely use your help -- filling out a bug report, ideally sharing [your logs](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752674-Network-System-and-League-of-Legends-Logs#wq12) as well, would be a tremendous aid (for logs, just throwing them on your public file host of choice and sending us the link in your report is probably the easiest way to share them). Filling out a bug report helps us understand the scale and severity of problems; getting the logs saves time and provides clues in helping us better identify what’s actually going wrong. One of our other big pushes is going to be around improving performance for players connecting to our platform under challenging network conditions. Sometimes this situation can cause issues in the League Client -- usually in login, game lobbies and Champ Select -- without impacting in-game performance, due (in part) to how our network is structured. Thanks to your help (specifically, your bug reports and logs!) we now have a sense of the scale and severity of these issues, which helps us prioritize them. **Finally, I wanted to clarify that we are definitely exploring removing the option to toggle off the client while in-game, but haven’t committed to a patch in which this will happen.** Our hope is to get the client optimized sufficiently to run in the background without causing FPS drops, which would allow us to keep it on all the time without impacting your play. When we toggle it off and bring it back after each game, it can slow down your post-game experience by having to re-load all postgame content, like Honor and end-of-game chat (as well as potentially enable some other things that I can’t talk about yet). But we don’t want to rush this. So we’re going to be validating that we’re able to successfully keep the client alive without impacting in-game FPS before we make the change, which we’ll communicate out ahead of time. And of course, we’ll be relying on you to let us know if we don’t have things working quite right. OK, this was another word wall from me. I get feedback about my writing style constantly and really wanted to change it up this time. You can see how well that turned out. Someone suggested I show some visual information to break it up, but tbh all I have to offer are a bunch of charts, or maybe a picture of one of our engineers’ desks with like, coffee cups and random pieces of paper on it. Neither sound especially compelling to me but, uh, lmk if that’s your kind of thing. In the meantime, as always, reach out with questions/comments/etc. and please keep the logs and bug reports coming!
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