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**BTW THE ART, AUDIO, AND ESPECIALLY TEXT IS SUPER WIP** Without further ado… Hey all, we want to take this as an opportunity to be a bit more open about our dev process, so let’s dive into some details: **Why now, why not before?** * We’ve been pretty torn between wanting to add new functionality and preserving the ease of use of the current cardinal wheel. For now we want to sidestep these concerns by adding a low-scope hotkey bind, and have the ping wheel conversation after this is done. * Every team is trying to deliver stuff as quickly as possible, but there are a plenty of ideas that don't fit easily into an existing effort (which makes it harder to prioritize against everything else we're working on). It's surprisingly tough to do, but we're trying to get better at pulling our heads up and looking for areas that we’re missing. In this case we felt strongly about adding the ping, so we decided to take a few days away from our normal day to day to take a first pass at this. **What’s left?** * Art: We’re going to make a few passes at the in-game particle effect and minimap icon before sending it on to PBE. * Audio: We’re doing some iterations on sound effects and, just like with the visuals, are trying to make sure it communicates its purpose while keeping it distinct from all the other ping sounds. * Terminology: Minor point, but one worth calling out. We’re going to put a lot of forethought into exactly what words we use. We don’t want to constrain this ping’s use by priming people with any specific language (ie Ward). It’ll probably be used to indicate the placement of a ward 90% of the time, but we don’t want players to hesitate also using it for things like Ashe’s Hawkshot or Teemo’s Noxious Trap. This is due to hit PBE in a couple of patches (7.14 or 7.15), and we’ll keep ya’ll up to date with how things progress! We'll be around for any question ya'll might have, NoopMoney, Rayven, Riot Asyrite, Haga, Vonderhamz
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