Eternals Feedback Thread: Set 1 Uniques

Hey folks! I am Xenogenic, the Game Design Lead for the team that makes skins, events, and new content like Eternals. After announcing Eternals a few weeks ago, we’ve been having ongoing conversations with players to gather feedback and make improvements while we continue working on them. One of our changes to the feature is to build sets of 3 Eternals that are unique to each champion, capturing things directly related to their specific abilities or gameplay patterns, and not include common stats like Kills, Damage Dealt, etc. What we’d like to do now is list our proposals for each champion for the first set so you can give us feedback on what you like or don’t like, as well as make suggestions for ideas for things we should track in the future! A couple of quick notes before the list: * Some players want very skill-expressive trackers, while others want trackers that are more accessible and will grow large over time. So to that end, we’ve tried to include some of both for each champion and will likely continue that trend into the future. Be sure to let us know which type of Eternal you prefer, though. * This is a rough draft type list, so there is some level of short-hand. * For example, sometimes we may say “enemies” which really means “enemy champions,” not minions or monsters. * Multi-hits means 2+ (or more) targets hit in a single cast of a spell. * “Long range” casts of spells mean more than 75% of their max range, unless otherwise specified. * Damage dealt, damage absorbed, damage dealt to, etc. refer to damage to/from champions, unless otherwise specified. * We want Eternals that track high moments and successes without being gameplay warping, by which we mean: Eternals should not be asking you to do things that you don’t want to do or shouldn’t be doing (i.e. kills as support, casting spells specifically on yourself instead of allies or vice versa, etc.). If any of these feel warping to you, please call them out and explain why! * When Eternals are fully “rekindled,” meaning all 5 milestones they track have been reached, they start tracking your personal best within each game. Keep that in mind for stones that might seem basic on the surface. Many of them become more interesting when tracking the highest/best amount you’ve done in a single game. Here are our proposals for Set 1: []( UPDATES to set 1 based on feedback: []([/img]
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